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Choosing Tyres

Thanks to recent developments in tyre labeling, it is now really easy to make a tyre choice.

Rolling Resistance (Fuel Efficiency)

A tyre whose rolling resistance is greater requires more fuel to move the vehicle forward. Therefore rolling resistance influences the fuel consumption of your car.

On the left of the label are 7 ranges of resistance from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient).

Wet Grip (Braking Performance)

Gripping in wet weather is one of the key aspects of measuring the safety of a tyre. Tyres with excellent wet weather grip will have shorter stopping distances in rainy weather.

On the left of the label the grip is expressed from A (HIghest performance wet weather grip) to G (lowest performance wet weather grip)

External Noise

Traffic noise is a major factor of nuisance and a very relevant environmental issue. On the right of the label the external noise of the tyre is expressed in decibels. The sound waves express the lowest noise (1 bar) through to 3 bars being the loudest tyres.


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